Banking on KIDS - Testimonials - US Bank

The following are excerpts from two letters from Us Bank, fomerly Firstar Bank:

January 30, 1997

Dear Mr. Anhalt:

...Polly Harper, Bank Manager, at our Wisconsin @ 26th Street office will lead our effort in this endeavor.

We at Firstar believe that the Kids Own Bank can be an important tool in teaching children the value of our monetary system. We hope to become involved in this first effort and determine if our presence can be effective in achieving your goals as well as ours.

We are very happy to have been able to make the contribution and participate in the education of our children in this manner. Polly Harper will work with you to implement the effort.


Drucilla Pasley

Letter 2:

March 27, 1997

Addressed to Wisconsin Avenue School

Dear Mr. Burk and Mrs. Miller:

It was truly a pleasure being at the Grand Opening Ceremony of WISCONSIN AVENUE SCHOOL EAGLES SAVINGS BANK. I was very proud and impressed with the discipline and hard work that was put into the program by all of your students and staff. I would like to thank the School-To-Work Committee for developing the partnership, the P.T.O. for the delicious refreshments and Klose Flowers for the unique corsages.

I saw a lot of talent being developed i.e.. the Art Class that completed the Eagles, the Recorder Club, the Cheerleaders, Room 13 This Little Eagle and especially the Drummer and the poem by Rebecca Ruiz. Tell them to keep up the good work! Your Bank Officers were great...

I look forward to the program in October an our staff discussing Banking with your students and staff next semester. Again it was a pleasure and tell everyone to have a safe summer.


Polly Harper
Office Manager

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