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The Results Speak for Themselves!

The Banking on Kids program was initiated in 1995 by Dr. Ed Anhalt. This program is designed to help teach elementary and/or middle school students (and their parents) to become better money managers.

The program allows local banks to help sponsor neighborhood elementary and middle schools by opening student-run banks within the school, and allowing students to create savings accounts which become interest bearing after they reach $10.00 (This amount is set by the sponsoring bank). Students in the upper grades are appointed officers of the bank, and the student-run bank is open once a week for monetary transactions.

Within five years of the program being in operation, the following results were found:

  • 95% of all students in the schools opened a savings account
  • 90% of the students reach the $10.00 requirement in order to begin earning interest within one school year
  • Some schools have seen as much as $2,000.00 brought in by students on just one banking day
  • No school has ever recorded more than $25.00 in calculated errors within one school year
  • 98% of the students leaving the elementary school continue to conduct business with the bank when they enter their new middle or high school
  • A large portion of students have helped their own parents work with banks.

These bank sponsors have benefited from this program not only by earning CRA (Community Reinvestment Credit) but also by seeing the parents of the children involved in the program at their schools coming into the bank for personal and business account activity.

Banking on Kids is currently open in over 150 schools with over 25 participating bank sponsors.

When will your bank become a sponsor at your child's school? A better question is how many local area schools will your bank sponsor through your various office locations!

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