Banking on KIDS - In The News

Banking On KIDS - In The News

The Banking on Kids program was initiated in 1995 by Dr. Ed Anhalt. This program is designed to help teach elementary and/or middle school students (and their parents) to become better money managers.

The following are news articles that Banking On KIDS program has been mentioned in or has information related to our program. Read what they have to say:

*Contacts and/or Endorsements in these articles may no longer be valid. For information on our program, please contact Dr. Ed Anhalt at 414-228-2828*



On Friday, August 15th at 1:00 PM a bank will open inside Warren County Middle School located at 200 Caldwell Street, McMinnville, TN . The bank will take deposits of real money ... with all transactions being handled entirely by the students in the school. Bank officers have already been selected based on their school achievement.




On Tuesday, December 2nd at 7:20 AM a “student-run-bank” will open inside Osceola Middle School located at 526 SE Tuscawilla Avenue in Ocala, Florida. The bank will take deposits of real money …. and all deposits will be handled entirely by appointed students of the school. Bank officers are appointed based on their academic performance.



Bank Notes December 2003

Department enhances Bank's community role

Community Affairs has been involved in hosting or contributing to more than 50 conferences, meetings, and events during 2003. The department will partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City to implement a new program called "Banking on Kids", in which participants learn about and open their own bank accounts.


During a three year period (1999-2002)when Banking on Kids enjoyed a service affiliation with the Wisconsin Bankers Association’s Financial Institution Products Corp. (FIPCO) they: 

  • stated that “the Banking On Kids program helps students understand the importance of saving money, and that saving can be fun”    

                (WBA is “Banking on Kids”)  Wisconsin Bankers Association INFOEXTRA, April, 1999

  • called Banking On Kids a “win-win program for banks and students”, along with a “great way to teach kids to save money”        

(Banking on Kids: A win-win program for banks, students)  Wisconsin Banking Digest, October, 2000

  • cited WBA President, after opening three student-run banks through his bank (Waukesha State Bank) saying, “That there are an estimated 10 million American adults who have no relationship with a bank or other mainstream financial institution. By participating with the Banking On Kids program, he stated , “We hope (the students) parents will think of us when shopping for a home equity loan,  and hope our efforts generate positive publicity to reach the general public.”                       

                    (Bankers + Schools = A Great Investment)   Wisconsin Banking Digest,  March, 2002                     

CNN Financial

Start your kids saving early
October 26, 1999: 6:05 a.m. ET

Look for friendly accounts to teach your children about finances
By Staff Writer Alex Frew McMillan

NEW YORK (CNNfn) - With Pokemon and Barbie dominating kids' thoughts, it's hard for parents to even consider teaching their kids about banking and investing.

But kids -- especially those getting an allowance -- learn to understand money at a young age. And certainly by the time kids are in their teens, they're well on their financial way -- teen-agers earned as much as $141 billion in 1998, a third from gifts and the rest from their earnings.

Some in the financial industry believe our spending and saving habits are shaped as young as between 5 and 7 years old, deciding whether we'll wind up spenders or savers.

"It's extremely important that kids learn the importance of savings," said Catherine Pulley, spokeswoman for the American Bankers Association. With high personal bankruptcy, low savings rates and credit apparently everywhere, "now more than ever it's important to teach people the value of good financial fitness."




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*Contacts and/or Endorsements in these articles may no longer be valid. For information on our program, please contact Dr. Ed Anhalt at 414-228-2828*