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On Tuesday, December 2nd at 7:20 AM a “student-run-bank” will open inside Osceola Middle School located at 526 SE Tuscawilla Avenue in Ocala, Florida. The bank will take deposits of real money …. and all deposits will be handled entirely by appointed students of the school. Bank officers are appointed based on their academic performance.

The Osceola Middle School Bank will assist students by:
- teaching them at an early age the value of money
- offering a banking curriculum to teach bank related concepts i.e. the origin of money, compound and simple interest, the workings of the Federal Reserve Bank, etc.
- offering “school-to-work” experience by allowing students to operate the bank themselves

By building a consistent savings pattern starting at a young age … a continued spirit of savings will flourish throughout the students’ lives.

As sponsor of the Osceola Middle School "student-run-bank" Gateway Bank will match each student's initial $10 deposit with an additional $10 when the student opens their individual minor savings account at Gateway Bank.

Over 350 such “student-run-banks” have been opened nationally by Banking On Kids. This is the first one in the State of Florida.

For further information please contact Dr. Edward Anhalt at Banking On Kids (414-228-2828) or Ms. Desiree Johnson at Gateway Bank of Central Florida (352-236-6548).

For additional information please contact Dr. Edward F. Anhalt at Banking on Kids ( 414-228-2828/


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