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The following is an excerpt from a letter by Associated Bank:

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Milwaukee, WI 53202-0522
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On January 27th 1995, a whole new world opened for me, and for elementary school children everywhere. The first Kids Own Bank was born. I really did not know what to expect from this venture. To my amazement and delight it was a huge success, as Wisconsin elementary school children were learning about banking and saving money. I had expected the bank to be busy for a few weeks and then die down, but what happened was just the opposite, it kept growing and growing.

More kids were opening accounts every day. One of our students has in excess of $150.00 in the savings account in less than a year.

I started getting requests from other schools. I now have 5 schools which have opened banks since the inception of this program.

In the hopes that other banks would open Kids Own Banks in other schools we sought the assistance of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in designing curriculum to assist the elementary school banking program.

I strongly believe that with the University's assistance, children across the country will now obtain a faster start in learning about what banking and savings can do for them.

Donald A. Cohen
Manager Community Real Estate Lending

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